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Unplug Me - Unreleased Gems

I have so many songs and little ditties that have either never been recorded or put out to the public. And probably some with good reason, like maybe this one.

A few years ago, I heard story about a dying woman whose family fought over her end of life treatment. One of her kids was a religious nutball who believed with enough prayer her mother would make it. The other two kids and the doctor just wanted to stop the suffering. Finally, after three awful weeks, and with the prayer being a big dud, they all agreed to let mom die.

That got me thinking that maybe I should have a living will - although, I'm sure my family won't dither with the decision to unplug me. Then I got the idea of, instead of paying a lawyer to write one up, why not write a song and publish it! So here she is!


I hope to live to 103

Die in my sleep peacefully

But if I get some fatal rare disease

Unplug me.

If I walk out the door, get hit by a bus

Please tell the doctors to not make a fuss

If my diagnoses is a total bust

Unplug me

Drip drip drip goes the morphine

Blip blip blip goes my heart beat

Don’t bring me down

Don’t bring me around

Unplug me

I hope I Live to a hundred and four

have a heart attack on the dance floor

If there’s not a chance, set me free

Unplug me

I can’t afford the lawyer.

Can’t afford the bill

Instead I’ll write in a song. My name is Jill Sobule.

This is my living will. Is my living will

Unplug me, but before you do

Make sure it’s not just a bad cold or flu

I know it’s not fun, but I’m counting on you

Unplug me

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