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The Best last Minute Holiday Gift. A Song!

Today, I sang four "Trains", five "Karen By Night", and an "I Kissed a Girl" where I sang "I Kissed Heather Miller" - no shame here. Oh, and someone gifted my classic breakup song "Now, That I Don't Have You". That doesn't seem quite right, but it was the song they chose.

So, if you want a personalized iphone video recording, here is the chance before I put away my guitar for a week or so. I am having the best time doing them, by the way. And it's a great deal! You can email and one of my many operators can give you the info.

And here is my classic 1995 video of the Robert Earl Keen cover "Merry Christmas From The Family". Check out the seven deadly sins Gretsch!

Happy Holidays!


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