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Songwriting Classes in June!!

Well, I'm on my second week of this month's classes. And I have to say, they are going great!

Not only are we having fun, but everyone seems inspired, uninhibited, and...I can't believe how good everyone is...seriously - and from the more experienced to the novice. Each class has no more than 10 or 12 people, so everyone gets attention. Many have hooked up afterwards to work on their songs with each other.

Sometimes I have a special guests. Last week, Larry Klein (grammy winning producer, teacher, and... ex of Joni's). He was also very impressed with the people in the class.

So, I'm thinking of continuing these classes and starting new ones in June. They are limited, so if I was you, I'd email

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Vic Roberts
Vic Roberts
Jun 11, 2021

Love the screen grab of our songwriting class! I hope you do it again in the fall. It was such fun to work with you and the many talented musicians in our class!

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