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"Sold My Soul (And Nothing Happened)"

This song was originally on my Happy Town record, and now in "F*ck 7th Grade"

It's the one song in the musical where I don't play guitar. I'm alone in the spotlight. It feels quite vulnerable. And I'm never sure what to do with my hands. I swear, I I almost tear up every time I sing it. If you're in or near NYC, please come see the remount in January. And don't pay attention to my hands whatever you do.

I feel like an outline

Where the middle part is missing

And the moonlight is kissing

The details away

I feel like a cliff note

To a novel no one can read

And I feel like such a phony

Like I got 'em all deceived

And I feel like a punch line

Nobody gets

I bet that you're laughing

And shaking your head

I sold my soul

And nothing happened

Yeah nothing happened

When I sold my soul

I feel like an outline

To a picture you started to paint

Now the sunlight is fading

The colors away

How's it feel to have insides

Something to hold I wish I could touch you

How could I know

When I sold my soul

And Nothing Happened

Yeah Nothing Happened

When I sold my soul

Just a big black hole

And Nothing Happened

And I bet you're laughin'

'Cause I sold my soul

2 comentários

05 de jan. de 2023

One of my favorites.


05 de jan. de 2023

Maybe hold the mic? <3

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