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My Open Mic Night!

On Oct. 6th, I'll be doing a really different kind of show. An open mic night! That's right. I already know of a few really amazingly talented songwriters from my songwriting glass. They, will sign up. Anyone else? It will be loose, non-judgmental, and most of The audio coming out of Zoom is shit, so no one will sound stellar! If you don't play an instrument, you can just do...poetry. Maybe it's more of a salon, than an open mic. It's also a good way to connect to other people who are smart, funny, and of course, have really good taste. First come, first served.

I'm thinking, I will start with a few songs, and then I'll be the open mic mistress of ceremonies. I'll wear a good outfit. We will start at 7:00 Eastern. I will send out a zoom a few days before. Email "my assistant" at if you wanna sign up to play a song. Oh, I forgot, it's exclusive for my Patrons at Patreon. gotta join, sorry. It's

Also if you join, I posted a song from my unreleased 1992 record - the one I did with Wendy & Lisa. Did you know I did a record with them? I thought the masters were lost in the Universal Records fire a few years back. I didn't even have a copy. But, I found a cassette!

Okay, even if you don't join Patreon, I'll post that a couple more next week on my blog. I want everyone to hear.

As always, write back with any thoughts, suggestions, etc.

cheers, Jill

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03 de out. de 2021

Hey Jill. So, for real? I could recite my song out loud in front of your fans? How much screen time would I be allotted? 6 minutes?

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