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House Concerts for real

Thinking (optimistically) if everything goes as planned, and most people are vaccinated, I can do some live outdoor house concerts. I can’t wait! I’ll be on the East Coast parts of May and July. And, I'll be on the West Coast in June. That doesn't mean I can't route a show in other regions. I actually did my first live house concert the other day in front of a family who podded together. I kept good distance as was a day away from my second vaccine. Everyone, including myself, was so excited for a live event. So, if your thinking of hosting, co-hosting, or need a lot more info email:

Of course, I'm still doing concerts online, and they have beed a god send. It's been so great not to have to lug around equipment, get dressed up and go anywhere. And for you too. I don't thing they are going away anytime soon.

In fact, on April 30th, I will be doing a show with John Doe!! We will be co-hosting the Bayard Rustin Center Power Hour. Check it out here: here


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