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Birthday House Concerts from Pandemia

There I am on the upper right square. It was hired to surprise the guy on the right in the center square (ala Paul Lynne) for his birthday. And he was so surprised! I played his favorite songs of mine.

I love playing these. First of all, I don't have to travel. I can just roll off the couch, ten minutes before showtime, to slap on some lipstick and maybe put on a hat - I'm getting the Mrs. Brady look and not in an ironic way. Secondly, I love seeing everyone in their home environment - their pets, their artwork, the food they eat, the knickknacks on the shelves, and what they wear.The couple in the middle right square (ala Totie Fields) changed head coverings for every single song. The women on the bottom right (George Gobel) half way through the show, brought out her matching pink boa and glasses. And the kid on the bottom left (Charlie Weaver) looked like a badass movie secret serviceman during the whole show in his shades.

Doing these shows has been a total joy, but also has really helped make up for all my cancelled shows. If you are curious, email my site or my assistant -

Please forgive me for my old Hollywood Square references. I'm sure some of you younger folk are like, who the fuck is George Gobel? That is a very good question.


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