Almost Great - back catalog of the day

Once I had my poems up on the schoolroom wall My teacher told my parents that I had something special. Then she sent my essay to the Iowa Review I didn't win a prize but got an honorable mention Almost great, almost great After I left college, dropped out after two years I left to to NY city for my musical career I know it would have happened but the band they got real jobs They all got married, moved back to Omaha Almost great, almost great If I worked a little harder I could of been a starter Almost great Once I had a true love. A poet just like me Who actually has a book out now. A NYT best seller I don't think it's very good. I think I could do better If only I could get myself together Almost great, almost great If I worked a little harder I could of been a starter Almost great. Almost great. I hope it's not too late Guess I'll give it one more try Before I say goodbye Almost great (Everybody sings) Almost great

A year ago, I was reluctantly dragged into a karaoke bar in Denver by some old high school friends. I told them I would watch, but not sing. It's not my scene. Well, my friends saw that they had, for some reason, my "I Kissed a Girl" in the song catalog. So they egged me on and would not let up. After a 1/2 a shot of Mezcal, I finally got the nerve to do it. I have to say it was weird, but I had fun and think I might of kicked ass. When I walked back to my table, I overheard some one say, “I loved that song. It helped me come out” I wonder what ever happened to her”.

I used to joke that my tombstone would read “She had potential.

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