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Semi-important News

Get ready to come to Pittsburgh. You've got a year to prepare. On May 9th, I'll be making my theater thespian debut in the future Tony winning "Fuck7thGrade". I'm off to Steamboat Springs, Colorado later this week to workshop the piece. If you happen to be nearby, I could maybe get you in a reading.

Here's a song from the play - "Forbidden Thoughts of Youth" (written with Robin Eaton) . It's also on "Nostalgia Kills" .By the way, if you haven't heard "Nostalgia Kills", you can get it on my site. Remember, that we songwriters make like zero on streaming services, so instead you can hear and buy a digital download on my website.

I have been playing and enjoying so many house concerts as of late. Last Sunday, I surprised a fan for her 60th birthday and made up a song about how 60 is the new 20. It wasn't very good, but was appreciated nonetheless.

Over the Summer, I'll be singing and strumming in cities and states that I do not normally frequent. I may want to fill in extra dates. So...if you live in or near the Bay Area, Florida, Milwaukee, Iowa, NOLA, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, let me know. And I have late Summer dates available in LA, and of course, NYC.

I got a big show during Pride Week at Joe's Pub. It's on June 28th, but I hear ticket's are going fast. There will be surprise guests including a mentalist! Not Pence approved.

Well, that's it for now. Love to you and your kin.


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