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Write Songs as Good as Dylan or Irving Berlin!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Whenever I attempt to write a song, I can't. I mean, what do I write about? Where do I begin? Have I written it before? Will it suck? It's scary. So, I have to trick myself into it. I'll show you what I do. And, each class I'll have a fellow fab songwriter guest who will show his stuff.

My class will not be your average songwriting class. We will do a combination of stream of consciousness writing, games, assignments and collaborations. We will have fun and…write."

The classes will meet once a week or four weeks. Last time, I did a pay what you can. This time, I'll charge $25 bucks each class (a bargain). But, you can pay more, or a little less if you having a rough time of it.

I'm think of starting in a couple of weeks- the 3rd week of March. Like last time, I think we started at 5:00 PST.

If interested, let me know what days seem to be better for everyone. And email

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Mark Eliasof
Mark Eliasof
03 mars 2021

Hi Jill your email to sign up for the songwriting class wont go thru (also it mentions DEC which i assume is old). I'd love to be a part of your class!

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