Things to do in Pandemia - day...I don't remember

This Friday at 7:00 PDT, I've been asked to do a mini-concert on Stageit for...Digital Dragfest!

I hope some of you guys come, as I have not sold nearly as many of tickets as the Drag Queen (she is great though) who covers one of my songs- Supermodel. So help stop the humiliation. I think the cover is cheap to get it in, btw. And...what do I wear?

I've been having so much fun doing house concerts on Zoom. If you want to host one, let us know. I'm a good time. That's what they say. And a sliding slippery scale for folks who are all by themselves or in quarantine.

I don't have total access to my merchandise. I don't have handy any more of 'Jill in a Bottle" - a flash drive containing over 100 song! But for 1/2 price, you can get the files directly from me! Get it: HERE

Okay, enough of the pimping of my talent and wares. But, I just found out today that all my June gigs were cancelled - like anyone, including myself, was planning on being in a nightclub in June anyway. So I'm sorry for the self-promotion. I guess that is what you do on your website.