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Things to do in Pandemia - day...I don't remember

This Friday at 7:00 PDT, I've been asked to do a mini-concert on Stageit for...Digital Dragfest!

I hope some of you guys come, as I have not sold nearly as many of tickets as the Drag Queen (she is great though) who covers one of my songs- Supermodel. So help stop the humiliation. I think the cover is cheap to get it in, btw. And...what do I wear?

I've been having so much fun doing house concerts on Zoom. If you want to host one, let us know. I'm a good time. That's what they say. And a sliding slippery scale for folks who are all by themselves or in quarantine.

I don't have total access to my merchandise. I don't have handy any more of 'Jill in a Bottle" - a flash drive containing over 100 song! But for 1/2 price, you can get the files directly from me! Get it: HERE

Okay, enough of the pimping of my talent and wares. But, I just found out today that all my June gigs were cancelled - like anyone, including myself, was planning on being in a nightclub in June anyway. So I'm sorry for the self-promotion. I guess that is what you do on your website.

What movies, books, music, podcasts, other delights have you, my friends, been indulging in?

I've been on the Criterion Channel watching movies from the 30s, 60s, and 70s. Loved the third season of Babylon Berlin on Netflix. I'm starting to watch Miss America on Netflix. Crossword and Jigsaw puzzles have been rather soothing. I read and watch too much news, but just stopped watching Trump's pressers. They were two-hour bad acid trips. It all saps the creative spirit, I have to say. It's just been a week ago that I have had the urge to write. I think I gotta couple of fun ones - mostly political. I need to reach further down. That's scary. Any advice? Or a good joke will do


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