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The World Premiere of F@ck 7th Grade!

Freud had it wrong. It’s not the few first days, months, or years that mess you up for life - it’s 7th grade. Everyone I know (not a scientific study mind you) is in agreement. It has haunted, and still haunts how I see the world and everything I do in it. Instead of, say, therapy, I thought why not do a musical. It’s much more enjoyable and still cheaper.

It's the first time I have been on the "Broadway" stage as a...thespian since I played Miss Hanukkah in my 6th grade. I haven't lost a beat

This from the Pittsburgh City Theater:

Starring Jill Sobule as herself Music, Lyrics, and Concept by Jill Sobule Text by Liza Birkenmeier Directed by Lisa Peterson

In this world premiere concert film, award-winning singer-songwriter Jill Sobule - whose 1990's hits include "Supermodel" and the original "I Kissed a Girl" - takes audiences through a Rock'n'Roll celebration of coming of age and coming out.


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