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Songwriting with Sobule

Hello people that see this. By popular demand, I'm bringing back the online songwriting classes. I'll have classes with the old-pros (those that have taken my class before) and beginner classes. I'm a good time! The fellow students are a good time. It's a good time ! There will be classes once a week for four weeks. Email me at for more info!

Say, if you go to my Patreon, you get $10 bucks off a class. That's $40 off! And...if you join, you will find demos of my musical, Crimson Lit- including a duet with friggin Debby Boone. Hello?

Say, if you happen to live in SoCal, come and see a reading of Crimson Lit-A Scarlet Letter Setlist on April 27th at the Chance Theater. And if you're near Philly this week, the students at University of the Arts is doing a production. Tonight's the opening!


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