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Real Shows!

It's starting! My first show is at the City Winery on July 15th. Yippie! I'm both excited and a bit weirded out and scared. I'll have to wear shoes -nice ones. I'll have to wear pants with buttons, or a dress. I may have to put on makeup. I got so used to singing on my couch in front of my computer, of course, with a good ring light that softened and lit up my skin just right. No traveling expenses. No long soundcheck. But..that all pales, compared to seeing you all for reals. I can't wait to see you all. The emoji for smiles, good job, and clapping does not have the same impact as - "strike the palms of (one's hands) together repeatedly, typically in order to applaud someone or something." And...I will be with my sometime band...Dinah Shore Jr.

We are working on a bunch Summer shows as I am typing, including Boston, a two night drive-in concert, featuring songs from "F*ck 7th Grade" at the Peoples Light in Malvern. and I'm doing Pride in...Bartlesville, Oklahoma!!

I will have time between show dates, and would rather be on the road than go home. I'm like Willie ("on the road again"). So...if you've been pondering hosting or co-hosting a house concert, let's see if we can fit it in. Sometimes fans go in together on it, especially in places where I don't normally tour - like Bartlesville. Email


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