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Patreon, Macrame Owls, and Lily Tomlin

I just launched my Patreon Page today. I'm hoping that I did it all right . Will you all check it out? Let me know if there are things I can add or improve. I am hoping that by July, I can get enough funds to go back in the studio. I've already recorded a half a dozen songs. Plus last night, on Etsy, I spent $17.99 on a macrame owl that I didn't need. It was my attempt to soothe the paranoia that I felt after ingesting a rather strong edible. I keep thinking that I will enjoy that high, and I never do.

Anyway, I have $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, and $100.00 dollar levels. There will be a monthly newsletter - way better and more involved this this one. This newsletter is nothing! I will have monthly concerts and hangs. You will have access to new songs, demos, and videos before anyone does. I am going to finally put out songs from my unreleased, just found, 1992 Joe Jackson record. Maybe, I'll do some songwriting classes. And you will receive...a felt patch. Come on! I may somehow put up the macrame owl.

So, please go to and let me know what you think.

Oh here's me singing I kissed a girl to Jen Kirkman, Paula Poundstone, Stephanie Miller, and...Lily Tomlin. I am so nervous around Lily. She is a goddess. Anyway, this is some of the stuff I will post on Patreon. So Join!


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