Nothing Natural - back catalog song of the day

Nothing Natural

Nothing natural could come between Enamored mortals such as we The winds may blow us far apart But nothing will undo our hearts

No matter how far I wander, what stars I'm under I'll always come back to you

Nothing natural could turn the tide That washes over both our lives By day we'll burn, by night we'll rust And who knows what becomes of us

No matter how far I tumble, what stars I'm under I'll always come back to you


This song is one of the rarities from "Underdog Victorious". This, I think, is one of my purer and maybe less depressing love songs - although there is the inevitable reference to death.

I wrote this with my long time writing friend, the amazing Robin Eaton. He just recorded a version of this himself. I just heard it, and it will melt your heart.

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