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Merry Xmas to the Family - back catalog song-o-day

Here is my cover of the Robert Earl Keene Classic, "Merry Christmas to the Family".  The video is very 1995 (in a good way, I think). But please check out my amazing 7 deadly sins Gretsch. 

Oh also, can you hear the spot where the drummer dropped his sticks? I made the band drink before recording the song. I wanted it very sloppy.

Oh, why not get something from my store for a loved one's gift. I got CDs, vinyl, Jill Sobule guitar primers, flash drives in a bottle with over 100 songs, and..."Nostalgia Kills" t-shirts for $10. Come on!

Tom Morello trying to learn how to play the G chord on "I Kissed a Girl"


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