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Live Shows & Be In My Poster

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Rochester, Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New York City, Marblehead, and more!

Go to for more ticket info.

Please don't make fun of my photoshopping skills. I'm having fun. And...I had this dumb thought - I'm starting to raise $ for my next record fund. What if...what if for a donation, I would put your face on one of my posters- just for you? You would just have to send me your photo, and what scenario (city, planet, era, etc) you would like us to be in. As I am not a professional, nor has my art been shown at MOMA, , I would start this folly for $15. Is this a good or bad idea?

There are more shows to add. There are more posters to make. Send in your photo!

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22 mar 2022

I'd be in for the poster thing. Sounds like fun! 😁

Mi piace
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