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I am Coming Out As a Thespian

If your'e in or near Los Angeles, or want to take a plane to see my musical theater debut, please do. I play a Rabbi's wife, a cantor, a stenographer, and a forensic photographer, all while wearing a brunette wig that looks exactly like my mother's hair in 1994. I look just like her, and it is so scary.

The musical is based on a true crime story that you may remember - the rabbi who hired a hitman to murder his wife in the '90s. I heard the rabbi's wife was really nice, so I am trying to play her with love and warmth. Plus, I look like my mom, and she was really nice too

That's all - you can get tickets here. Don't judge me if I forget my lines. I'm a rookie. Oh, last night, I walked out with my fly open - I had a quick change tween verses. Tonight, I will double check:

In other news? I'm opening up for...The Fixx in August. I don't know why or how it happened, but it's gonna be a lot of fun. They are kinda great.

xo, Jill

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