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Happy New Year Everyone!

Lots of stuff- and at the end a new song, so read or skip to the end

And I need to stop procrastinating. It took me two weeks to even send this. However, I'm feeling good about this year, despite everyone I know having Omicron and all my January shows were cancelled. But fun things are afoot:

1. The January shows are being rescheduled.

2. This Summer, I'm going to be in a musical at a very fancy pants theater.

I can't announce it yet, but it will be the first time I've been asked to play a role (that

isn't based on me) since 6th Grade when I played Miss Hanukkah. I will play a

murdered rabbi's wife. Typecasting?

3. F*ck7th Grade will be in a great East Village theater this Fall in NYC!

4. Working on ideas for the next record or two. I'd love to do one where I put down the

guitar and play with, say, a stellar jazz trio with piano. I would want it to still be weird,

but beautiful. Thoughts? Oh, and I've want to do a kinda dumb rock pop one too.

5. This Spring, I'll be workshopping "Crimson Lit" an adaptation of the Scarlet Letter.

6. Starting a Cult. Mine wouldn't have any theology or cost money - Just fun outfits.

I know, Bummer? But I will soon post the postponed dates hopefully soon. In the meantime, I'm booking house concerts on Zoom and for future in-person ones. Having shows cancelled has not only effected my pocket book, but...damn, I love to play! So, leave a message or email for info on hosting and pricing. A New Years sale. And you should book it sooner than later, as I will be consumed by learning my lines as a murdered rabbi's wife.

Here is a little live demo of a newish song I recorded live with Julie Wolfe. Written with Robin Eaton. It's called, The End of Love. It may not be the happiest New Years song, but it was not written this year, and things are looking up in that area too!

I hope it's a better year for all of you. And please feel free to mail me back if you have any great ideas about what NFTs I should do. Also, what are NFT's exactly? All I know is I've been told that I should do them.

cheers, Jill


Debbie Cieslik
Debbie Cieslik
Jan 11, 2022

Your cult thing made me laugh, of course; not so much your newish song... although it's quite lovely.

Congratulations on your 'killer'(?) new role, and... whatever (new love?) you meant is looking up for you in 2022! BTW, if you've not seen the movie 'Don't Look Up,' it's worth a watch. (My two ce...)


Jan 10, 2022

NFTs just seem like a bad scene likely to end badly. I'd steer clear of them.

But it sounds like you have all sorts of interesting things going on despite covid making a comeback, so that's encouraging.


Glenn Case
Glenn Case
Jan 10, 2022

Hi, Jill! I don't know much about NFTs, but our mutual friend Jonathan Mann would be an excellent resource on the subject. He has made a bunch of money with then. In short: From what I understand - An NFT is an attempt to make a digital equivalent of a one of a kind work of art that has value like a painting has in real life. It gets very convoluted from there.

Good luck!

- Glenn

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