Happy New Year Everyone!

Lots of stuff- and at the end a new song, so read or skip to the end

And I need to stop procrastinating. It took me two weeks to even send this. However, I'm feeling good about this year, despite everyone I know having Omicron and all my January shows were cancelled. But fun things are afoot:

1. The January shows are being rescheduled.

2. This Summer, I'm going to be in a musical at a very fancy pants theater.

I can't announce it yet, but it will be the first time I've been asked to play a role (that

isn't based on me) since 6th Grade when I played Miss Hanukkah. I will play a

murdered rabbi's wife. Typecasting?

3. F*ck7th Grade will be in a great East Village theater this Fall in NYC!

4. Working on ideas for the next record or two. I'd love to do one where I put down the

guitar and play with, say, a stellar jazz trio with piano. I would want it to still be weird,

but beautiful. Thoughts? Oh, and I've want to do a kinda dumb rock pop one too.

5. This Spring, I'll be workshopping "Crimson Lit" an adaptation of the Scarlet Letter.

6. Starting a Cult. Mine wouldn't have any theology or cost money - Just fun outfits.

I know, Bummer? But I will soon post the postponed dates hopefully soon. In the meantime, I'm booking house concerts on Zoom and for future in-person ones. Having shows cancelled has not only effected my pocket book, but...damn, I love to play! So, leave a message or email