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Given' to the Libs - song of the day

For all them people that think that wearing a mask is part of the deep state conspiracy.

I went to the rally. I took all the kids

We wear our hats proudly

Givin’ it to the libs

Went to church last Sunday

You know what I did?

I hugged every - body

Givin’ it to the libs

Givin’ it to the east coast

Givin’ it to the west

Here we know - in Idaho

Don’t need no test

I tried Hydroxy - blah blah blah

No. I’m not sick

Can’t think of a better way of

Givin’ it to the libs

I’m givin ’ it to Holly - Weird

New York City, New Orleans

Have you got your government check, mine I haven’t seen

I went to the Hobby Lobby

I took all the kids

They touched everything in sight.

Givin’ it to the libs.

3 weeks later . . .

I woke up this morning

Couldn’t barely breathe

Mercury rising - a hundred and three

And now I’m in the ER, waiting for a bed

The nurse she wears a garbage bag

The guy next to me is dead

I’ve given it to my cousin

Her poor husband too

My niece with diabetes

I’m givin’ it to you.

Went to church this morning

You know what I did?

Got buried in my MAGA hat

Givin’ it to the libs!!!

I’m proud to be an American ...



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