Given' to the Libs - song of the day

For all them people that think that wearing a mask is part of the deep state conspiracy.

I went to the rally. I took all the kids

We wear our hats proudly

Givin’ it to the libs

Went to church last Sunday

You know what I did?

I hugged every - body

Givin’ it to the libs

Givin’ it to the east coast

Givin’ it to the west

Here we know - in Idaho

Don’t need no test

I tried Hydroxy - blah blah blah

No. I’m not sick

Can’t think of a better way of

Givin’ it to the libs

I’m givin ’ it to Holly - Weird

New York City, New Orleans

Have you got your government check, mine I haven’t seen

I went to the Hobby Lobby

I took all the kids

They touched everything in sight.

Givin’ it to the libs.

3 weeks later . . .