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Clever - disturbing past catalog song-o-day

This song is not a good tool for wooing a potential love interest. It does not paint the best picture. Yes, it is semi-autobiographical, but I have never ever, I swear, smashed someone's windshield in - as much as I may have wanted. What I did hope to create, with it's kind of angsty Bolero-ish buildup, was the growing fear that once someone sees you for who you truly are - with all your flaws and foibles - they will undoubtedly kick you to the curb.

A couple of times I have gone out with people who were big fans of my music beforehand. I worried that they, would have an idealized version of me. But, they didn't. They already guessed from the get-go that I was a big geek with a few issues here and there. And they were okay with that. Well, that's what they told me.

I can be clever, I can be clever I can charm your pants off, I can be clever I can be funny, I can make you laugh I can amuse you, I can make you laugh I can be tender or I can be dirty I can make you feel like you rule the world I could be patient I can be kind I know how to listen or look like I am I can be trusted, I can be kind As far as you can throw me, I can be trusted I can be blue I can get real depressed I can stay all day in my bed

I can get anxious I can get anxious When I think of you I just get anxious I can get angry I can get angry

I can smash your windshield I can get angry I can't wait to be in your arms again 'Cause I always think this could be the last time When you dig deep and you see more and you get bored

I could be sorry I could be sorry About your windshield I could be sorry And I could be clever, I can be clever I can charm your pants off I can be clever


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Vince Melamed
Vince Melamed
Sep 23, 2021


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