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An all request Birthday concert and More

Again, the wonderful Bayard Rustin Center is hosting a show for me. All you need to do is go to: Here or . I start around 7:00 EST. And it's on my birthday! Due to Covid times, I won't be able to celebrate with friends and family, so you guys are all I got.'s free!

Oh, last week, they programmed me, charged me up. I am a cyborg. So far, so good. My hands are shaking a lot less, and more is to come. And I can program it all on my iPhone! I hope at the next session the doctor can add the ability to shoot lasers out of my eyes. Like some Carrie shit. Or maybe, I'd really like the power to deprogram people who still believe that JFK Jr. is really alive, Tom Hanks is a satanic child eater, and Trump will at the very last moment lead the storm.

And here's song that reminisces about old dirty fun Times Square.



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