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A New Texas Song

I took my old Texas song and updated it. With the fab Steve Weisberg on piano

You Better Not F*ck in Texas

I thought it was love

So I made one mistake

I let him come in me.

That’s why I’m now late

I went to the drug store

I peed on the strip

Waited 10 minutes

That’s what I did

( 10 minutes later)

I got a plus sign

you know what that means

Jesus christ

I’m just seventeen

There’s not a plan A

Not even plan B

Unless you got the do-re-mi

You better not fuck in Texas

Whatever you do

Better not fuck in the lone star state

They just love to fuck you

So I went to the clinic

I thought they would help

But they just gave me

a bible instead

A real doctor, a nurse, no where to be seen

Get me the hell out of Abilene.

500 miles

to cross the state line

Who can I trust

to give me a ride

Yeah, who can you trust

Who wouldn’t be a snitch

10,000 dollars

I’d even turn myself in

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