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Fun things we can do in a dystopia

You think I'd be really bummed that my musical and tour dates have all been cancelled, but you know what? I'm having a great time doing all these online shows. I get off the couch, turn off the Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon Prime, Criterion, etc), put on a decent shirt, dab on some lipstick,! And the variety of shows and audiences I'm playing for are all so unique. Last week, I did an Instagram Live on the split screen with Maia Sharp for "Girls of Americana". Right before, I played for women at a residential rehab home in NOLA. The women hadn't been able to see their kids and family for almost two months. It was such a joy to play for them. And on May 23rd, I'm doing another fun Digital Drag Fest on May 23rd. Please come to that. I'm kind of the only non-drag queen. I am thinking, however, of singing as a French man from the '40s - it's not that different than how I normally dress, except for maybe a pencil thin mustache.

And host a house concert! I know there are folks here that have wanted to hire me, but it was cost prohibitive, or they live in a far-away-place or Oklahoma. Well, here's your chance to get me on the cheap before things go back to normal (will they ever go back to normal). All you do is get a Zoom account and invite your friends. I also love seeing where folks are watching, their pets, and all the knickknacks on their shelves.

I'm thinking of doing a couple of songwriting classes. Ido love teaching! Email if you are interested. I'll start with 15 people. It will be free, although I will make you buy a spiral notebook and a number 2 pencil.

I hope you are all well and safe. Email me back ( with any questions, answers and easy recipes. Oh, and my hair is actually growing into the Mrs. Brady shag. I'm gonna rock it. xoxo, jill

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