Three NYC Shows! Tomorrow, the 15th, and May 2. Come on!

By Popular Demand: Another Joe's Pub show - March 2nd.

Tomorrow, March 13th, I'll be at the NY Psychoanalytic Society with my brilliant cousin, Sarah Boxer.She is going to talk about her latest works including a piece on pioneer Colorado Jews. I may finish and sing my latest..."Pioneer Jews". And who doesn't want to come to the NY Psychoanalytic Society? I do.

On the 15th, I'll be doing a couple of duets with Dave Derby (fellow Lloyd Cole and the Negatives) for the Love Hangover at Bowery Electric. I think we might do10CC covers.

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Someone just pointed that out to me just now. I'm an embarrassment to fans and spellers everywhere, Please forgive me. I had a rough night. But, today looks promising. I decided to take trumpet lesson