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Nostalgia Kills Again & Again

The good folks, at ECR have been rereleasing a bunch of old records, including my last one. And, we've added a bonus track, America Back, to it.

This is what they said about "Nostalgia Kills" - I like it!

"For all its graceful, funny, and heartbreaking explorations of awkward youth and grown-up regrets, @JillSobule’s Nostalgia Kills is as of-the-moment as anything in her catalog. Now available for the first time in deluxe-edition format from ECR Music Group, this special edition now includes the bonus track “America Back.” On the album and through her own experiences, Sobule explores issues our society still collectively struggles with (LGBTQ rights, teen mental health, our unhealthy obsession with staying forever young) and gently skewers our tendency to dwell on the past at the expense of addressing the present. As she sings on the title track: “We look at ourselves in a long row of mirrors/We get smaller and smaller with each passing year/We have to keep moving or die.” Listen to the deluxe edition of Nostalgia Kills now at your preferred music service, today."

A couple of videos here:

The Island of Lost Things (at WFUV)

I Don't Want Wake Up (check out the 1960s anti-drug propaganda footage

Nostalgia Kills (live at City Winery)

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