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Here she is!

I sang "Lumber Jill" on episode six of the thirty-first season .

The best part, however, is when both Marge and Lisa give me a shout out

Homer: I like what you're wearing.

Marge: Thank you. These are locally sourced dungarees and Pendleton flannel. It's what Jill Sobule wore at the Crystal Ballroom

Lisa: Jill Sobule!

And yes, it's the best thing that has ever ever happened to me! And sadly or not...I'm so serious. By the way, I have not played a place called the Crystal Ballroom, nor worn Pendleton flannel there. But, I just googled the various Crystal Ballroom in the US (mostly wedding and bar mitzvah halls) and am willing.

So here is how I think I got on the Simpsons.

I met Matt Groenig almost 20 years ago. We used to see each other in the earlier smaller, less fancy TED conference days. I always sang for my supper at these shindigs, as I could never afford the cost of going.

Anyway, Matt, who is the coolest, most un- Hollywood, and sweetest guy ever, became a fan of my music. And I, of course, was a mega-huge Simpsons fan from day one. One day, he casually mentioned how he wanted to have me on the Simpsons doing something - singing a song or as a character. Every time I saw him after that, and that was probably 15 years ago, I would bug him. It kind of became a running joke.

Well, six months ago, I got an email from "The Simpsons" wondering if I would be interested in writing a song for an episode called, "Lumber Jill". I'm thinking that Matt must have remembered our promise when he was handed the name of the episode, or thought now the timing was perfect - a song was needed for a montage scene where Marge is training for a timber sports contest with a lesbian from Portland named Paula. And who better to write it than me.

I had a viewing party and sang a few songs at Club Cumming with my new pick up band "Mother May I Sleep With Danger". Life since has quickly tumbled from the highest of highs from that night.

I am today trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my non-animated related life

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