Strawberry Gloss - Underdog Victorious

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We were supposed to do something together on Saturday, maybe go to Buckingham Square - the new mall on Hampton Avenue. I was super excited, not necessarily to go to the mall, but to hang out with Janet. I'd only really known Janet for a couple months, but we had become best friends. We declared it: Janet was my best friend.

Before, I mostly hung out with boys. We had more in common - like the Broncos and Alice Cooper (the Dead Babies era.) I really hadn't had a girl best friend before. It meant a lot somehow. I didn't think girls liked me, at least the popular ones. And Janet was kind of popular.

I called that morning and her mom answered the phone saying that Janet was busy at the moment, but she would give her the message. Her mom was a bitch. Well, an hour had passed. I was dying. I waited another twenty, and called back. Something didn't feel right. Janet got on the phone and said...she said, that she made other plans, and that she didn't want to be my best friend anymore. I asked her why. She didn't say. And to this day I still don't know.

Not all that long after, I eventually found another best friend who was a girl - her name was Meg and her mom was cool and smoked pot. But that breakup with Janet stung maybe worse than, say, any romantic one I ever had.

Strawberry Gloss is on the newly rereleased Underdog Victorious, and is also featured in my upcoming one-woman (now three-woman) show, "F*ck 7th Grade".

Strawberry Gloss

retainers and braces for our pretty faces

and starter-bras, shirts made of gauze

on a soft-focus field with the sunset behind

strawberry gloss

older girls with the Sun-In hair

then my best friend became aw