Underdog Victorious - the rest of the story

I accidentally, last time, sent off this posting before I got to the songs. Here you go...

I am pleased to announce that for the first time, I think ever, Underdog Victorious, is available on all your newfangled preferred music service or platforms. My pal Blake Morgan's ECR is also rereleasing Dottie's Charms, California Years, Prozak and the Platypus, and giving a new push to, if I may say ---fab, Nostalgia Kills.

I also do have around 20 CDs left of the original Underdog. Anyone interested in such a treasure? You even get an original Will Shortz crossword that he made for the booklet inside!

If interested email Abby at

Underdog Victorious song facts:

1. Freshman - I was still a struggling artist, even after having a couple of hits - much to my parents surprise.... The best part of the song is where I mention moving to Brooklyn, as I couldn't afford Manhattan rents. How funny is it now, in less than a decade, that folks are actually moving back into Manhattan from Williamsburg -- --- -– which has become too expensive. The track opens up with an Omnichord.

2. Jetpack - A fan favorite, Jetpack, is not only a love song to someone who lives on the other end of the Island, but it's also homage to the city that I call home. However, I am still pissed that the Jetson flying cars and affordable Jetpacks that we were promised have not come to fruition. The song is also, musically, a nod to Harry Neilson, as you can probably tell.

3. Cinnamon Park- Yes, I did mushrooms once in 8th grade. But, I have only really gotten drunk once in my life, and that was at David Miller's Bar Mitzvah. Back in 2004, it was still a time when folks were sampling really cool stuff. We shamelessly sampled Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" throughout the track.

4. Tender Love- In my mind, I pictured this really sexy 1950s pulp fiction, bossy-boots lesbian in jodhpurs singing this. I wonder if anyone else does.

5. Underdog Victorious- This is my "Bennie and the Jets", my "All The Young Dudes". This is an anthem! It’s for a bullied little butterball queer boy who believes that one day he will be the envy of all his former classmates. It's actually for most of us. We Are Underdog Victorious.

6. Under the Disco Ball - this is a little ditty, now that I'm thinking, that could be about the our Underdog Victorious boy, if he had horrible right-wing evangelical parents who made him go through reparative therapy.