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The Jill & Julia (Sweeney) Show

I met Julia at an early TED conference years ago. We were so excited to meet, as we were both big fan girls of each other - I adore her one-woman shows so much. She's friggin' genius. We also found out that we lived just a couple of blocks apart. The following week (or month. I don't remember time lines anymore), I had a show at Largo and asked her if she wanted to come up and tell a couple of stories between songs. She was game. What ended up happening, was a kind of wondrous play on each other's songs and stories. We had such a good time - and folks seemed to like it - so we decided to make it a show. We even took it on the road a couple of times. My favorite show was our yearly New Years Eve gig at Space in Evanston. We started the show at 6;00, so folks could gee back home at 8:00. No one complained.

Working with Julia was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I hope one day we can get the band together.

Below is an entire concert. Dave (the bass player) Carpenter is our secret weapon and keeping it all grounded.

Good Life is

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