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Cinnamon Park- back catalog song-o-day

In high school, Betty Shelly's older brother, Freddy, knew where to find mushrooms in the cow fields at the foothills of the Rockies. I love how we just trusted that he could tell they were of the "funny" variety, as opposed to the more deadly kind. By the way, the first time we did them was at an Alice Cooper show. Hell yeah!

The song is off my 2004 Underdog Victorious record. Check out the "Saturday in the Park" sample.

Me and Betty Shelly were at Cinnamon Park Waiting for the battle of the bands Betty's older brother had a bad reputation And I wound up in his van He said hey Jilly Sue I've got something for you Something that will blow your mind We hopped into his van And he opened the sand And said its only mother nature *CHORUS* Cinnamon park in a cinnamon daze We were so freaked out But in a really good way In a really good way Yeah those were the days I wish I could go back again Billy had a talk box and a Peavy bass Started feeling funny when they hit the stage Betty was getting so shitfaced And I could not stop laughing As I spun all around and I layed on the ground I was amazed at how the clouds just kept moving And they played the same song And they played the chords wrong But I never heard it better Betty's now in rehab And she's using again Her brother's unemployed but with a brand new van Billy came in second in the battle of the bands Wish we could go back again


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