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The Island Of Lost Things - Song- O-Day

The Island Of Lost Things - Song I loved my mother, but I will never forget or forgive her for giving away or throwing out all my old record albums including, the green vinyl ”Peter and the Wolf” narrated by David Bowie. But it wasn’t just my mom. I throw out stuff. I’ve never been a pack rat. With things or with people. For the most part I think that is good thing, especially if you live in small New York City apartment with shitty closet space.

I lose things too. I leave them in hotel rooms, dryers, airplanes, taxis, etc.

I wish I still had some of my old books, the ones that I gave up in one of my many moves. I wish I kept the old love letters, the ones that I threw out in anger. I would love to have all my old concert t-shirts -the ones that advertised how cool I was and my music taste. I sometimes yearn for that old friend from college who I lost touch and with whom I felt comfortable telling all my shameful and exciting secrets. I even miss being around the person who I could blame for everything.

As I am writing this, I cannot find my phone. Do you remember when I last had it?

From the record "Nostalgia Kills" Get it here and not on the awful Spotify. XO

The Island of Lost Things

I lost my keys, I lost my heart

I lost my car in the parking lot

Lost my voice, but can her sing

From the Island of Lost Things

Island of Lost Things

I lost my phone, I lost my way

Lost the hours of the day

Grandma’s ring swirled down the drain.

To the island of lost things

Island of Lost Things

I lost my shirt, I lost my aim

I lost the person I could blame.

I wish I could recall his name

The Island of Lost Things

My mom was not a hoarder

She threw everything away

My 45s, my favorite toys

The shoebox full of Polaroids.

Plastic on the good couch

Everything was always clean

A vacuum bag of treasures

In the island of lost things

I lost my wallet , my ID

Is someone else becoming me

My girlfriend’s somewhere on the seas

To the Island of Lost Things

Island of Lost Things

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