Karen By Night - back catalog song the day

In the job interview, I told Karen that I had tons of experience in retail. I was hired. After the end of my first shift, she said, "tell the truth Jill, you have never held a job in your entire life." Still, she kept me on. I think I amused her somehow.

Karen was my boss at the shoe department at Barney's. I thought she was a knock out. She had an elegant, slightly conservative vibe about her. But after work, she would butch it up, wear motorcycle leather, maybe pop in a gold tooth, and would often get into fist fights in one of the rougher gay bars in town. There was, of course, drinking involved.. What was amazing was how she could look so good and put together the very next morning at work. Here's her song! I, by the way, gave myself a little creative license and make her out to be some kind of spy or drug lord. Mainly she was an alcoholic. But a very sexy one.


Karen, she's my boss at the shoe store We sell to the rich on Madison Avenue I come in late from Brooklyn on the F train Karen says "honey, make this your last time" But we like her, she's firm but approachable Dresses in style, pretty conservative We ask her, "hey, come out with us after work" Karen she always declines

And we talk about

Karen by night We imagine she must lead a very dull life With just a cat and a book by her side We know her by day but we don't know Karen by night

In the stockroom searching for a 9B I overheard Karen whisper on the phone She said, "Meet me at the club There's a shipment coming in And I can't pull this one off alone" Well, I didn't know what to think Was my mind playing tricks? Was there more to this Karen then realized? I had to know so I followed her home I could not believe my eyes

And then I saw

Karen by night The leather comes out under the moonlight Takes off her Chanel and hops on her bike Looking like young Marlon Brando Karen by night

Saw her leaning on the bar with a drink in hand And a cigarette dangling from her bright red lips She looked like she was looking for someone Like she was looking for a fight Then a young blonde buck walked in She grabbed him by the collar Kissed him hard on the mouth And slapped him on the cheek Then I thought she spied me in the corner of her eye So I ran outside, but all night all I could think about was

Karen by night

The next morning, I'm late as usual Karen's there fresh as a daisy She says with a smile, "You look like hell

And where were you last night?"

Karen by night Imagine she must lead a very dull life With just a cat or a book by her side We k