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Stuff I'm Doing in the Next Two Weeks

If in or near the NYC, get your tickets to my Joe's Pub Show on June 28th. I'll have special semi-famous guests, a mentalist that will blow your mind, and Dinah Shore Jr.!

I just got back from the Colorado New Play Festival where we workshopped "F*ck 7th Grade". At the end of the week, we did a reading for folks from the local community. I also had to perform in front of real actors from the other companies (including The Public and Steppenwolf) who were also presenting. It was very intimidating. From an article about the fest:

"Breaking character during the next night’s staged reading, Sobule confided to the festival audience. “There’s so much to think about with this acting shit.” Nevertheless, "F*ck 7th Grade" was a hit! And check out, from the photo above, our rehearsal room. Why did I ever leave Colorado?

I'm off Tuesday to Montreal for Ideacity - it's kind of the TED of Canada. They have me singing in the session on cannabis. The weed and I don't agree with each other. I get paranoid and always think I have a hunchback - I'm not sure what that's about. But, I said I do have two songs that I wrote on mushrooms. They were okay with that.

Oh, on June 23rd, I'll be singing a couple of songs at Club Cumming for AAF (formally Lady Parts Justice). This should be swell time.

That's it, except for a dentist appointment - I grind my teeth.

Please email me back any questions, song title ideas, or good clean jokes.

And, I'm still booking some Summer and Fall house concerts. I just got one in Hawaii! I emailed Todd Rundgren for the hell of it - he lives there - to see if he'd wanna get together and maybe work on a song together. He just wrote back and said he was game!

And Happy Pride to everyone of all stripes and polkadots!

xo, Jill

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