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All My Mahjong Friends Have Died

As everyone here knows, I was very close to my mom, Elaine. She was much beloved, not only by her friends and family, but by my fans. She was semi-famous! Whenever she came to visit (and I happened to have a show) we would trot her onstage to sing with me. Her "hits" were "Big Shoes" (about the years I had to wear orthopedic shoes), and the cover of Nelly's "Hot in Herre"

Here is a song I wrote for the undervalued mom a few years back. Music nerd note: Jim Keltner played percussion on this recording. He played with Lennon, Harrison, Elvis P., Dylan, etc



Everybody knows if you ask them the seven deadly sins

But nobody can tell you the seven virtues

And nobody praises the grade school teachers

But everybody has a favorite serial killer

John Wayne Gacy (whispered)

And everybody watched the celebrity trial in detail

But nobody can tell you who sits on the Supreme Court

And everybody wants better schools for the children

But nobody wants to pay the taxes

Everybody wants to be loved and famous

But they'll dropkick your ass to be loved and famous, and

Nobody wants the fat pregnant woman

But everybody loves the pumped up action hero

Mom, I take you for granted

Like some old forgotten habit, and

I know you gave me life

And helped me pay some bills

Mom, I take you for granted

I was never abandoned

And even though sometimes you really piss me off

I hope you live forever.

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