Almost Great

Live from City Winery

Here is the video I did for my Kickstarter. I've got Ben Lee, John Doe, my cousin Neal (who created L&O SVU, by the way), and Weird Al singing!

I get people saying to me all the time, "Hey -- why aren't you bigger than you are? You should be more famous!" I know they mean well, and it's nice that people feel that way. But it sort of makes me feel like a failure -- or like people think I'm a failure, or they think I think I'm a failure.

I actually think I’ve done pretty okay, but maybe…maybe I could have had a little more ambition? Calculated more or something? I used to joke that my tombstone would read, “She had potential”. This song is on "Nostalgia Kills", my latest. Here is my dropbox link to the recording - Almost Great.

And please tell all your friends and neighbors to check out the record (or my fab t-shirts). I'm proud of this one. It had ambition.

Almost Great

Once I had my poems up on the schoolroom wall

My teacher told my parents that I had something special.

Then she sent my essay to the Iowa Review

I didn’t win a prize but got an honorable mention

Almost great, almost great

After I left college, dropped out after two years

I left to NY city for my musical career

I know it would have happened but the band they got real jobs

They all got married, moved back to Omaha

Almost great, almost great

If I worked a little harder

I could have been a starter

Almost great