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How to put on a holiday house concert

There are a couple of ways folks put on a house concert. One is where you, the host, pony up for the whole shebang. The other popular method is where the host charges their friends and neighbors to come- like a real concert!. Some people (with larger living rooms or back yards) even open it up to other Jill fans who happen to live in the hood. Last year, a guy rented an old VFW. They still had the quarter hot-nuts machines. There was a mix of fans and old Vietnam vets at the bar looking somewhat bemused. Some people have it catered (from fancy to chips and dips), but others do the whole potluck thing. I was once at a house concert with 17 Crockpots. I love doing it with just the acoustic guitar and no PA system. But sometimes we need a PA if it’s an outdoor thing or there are a lot of guests.

A December/January tour fell through, so I have some dates available. I actually love playing living rooms, to tell the truth, more than most clubs. December will mostly be for East Coast dates. January, I can travel. Take me somewhere warm!

Here are a couple of pretty funny videos semi-explaining how to put one on - funny videos.

Please contact me or my lovely assistant Abby at

And here is a video clip with my badass band, Dinah Shore Jr., from my last City Winery show!

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