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Speed Dating With God -Emerge

I A few years ago, I had this idea for a podcast or series where I would go around to various churches, cults, temples, etc and ask the folks why they believe the stuff they do, and why I should buy into it too. I would also try to do this with a more open and less snarky attitude than, say, Bill Maher's documentary, "Religulous".

I grew up in a pretty much secular Jewish household. Or as AJ Jacobs says, "“I am officially Jewish, but I’m Jewish in the same way the Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant.” Despite my cynicism, and disdain for much of organized religion, I am somewhat envious of folks with a strong sense of faith. I wish I had that sense of certainty or, say, the comfort of knowing that when I die, there will be a fab place waiting for me. - or a burning pit of eternal fire if I don't stop kissing girls.

I have never had a vision, witnessed a miracle, seen a ghost, etc. Nothing extraordinary. Hell, I'd even settle for a little Ufo probing action.

Anyway, my pal, Lisa Shufro, is helping to curate this amazing festival in Las Vegas coming up this weekend: Emerge Impact & Music. She took my idea, put a musical bent, and ran with it. I will be hosting two sessions.

It will be a combination of performance and discussion. And,what amazing people we got including:

Y-Love - the world's first African-American Orthodox (and now openly gay) hip-hop artist

Rotana - 24-year-old singer from Saudi Arabia

Anis Mojgani - amazing poet of the Bahai' faith

Dan Haseltine - from Jars of Clay

Madame Gandhi - amazing electronic music artists and activist.

Sir the Baptist - incredible hip-hop artist with a preacher dad.

Jamie DeWolf - L Ron's great-grandson

I know it's last minute, but get on a plane to Vegas now!

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