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Singing the Peanuts Xmas song

I sang this probably 15 years ago on my 4-track cassette recorder. Not sure I do it justice, but I do love this song. By the way, I have mixed feelings on the Peanuts. It kind of depressed me when I was little, especially the Halloween special . You know what else depressed me for some reason? The end of the Flintstones where the Saber-toothed cat locked Fred out of the house. I was a sensitive kid.

Did you know that the name of Fred and Wilma's cat was Baby Puss? I didn't - just looked it up.

You can also get all my fabulous Holiday songs (all 5 of them) on my "Jill in a Bottle" flash drive. I'm offering it on my Kickstarter as one of the rewards. Come on. Only one more week!

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