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My Kickstarter is Kicking Ass

I am wonderfully shocked, to tell you the truth . And so very grateful. In less than a week, we are almost 80% to the goal. I want to thank all you backers - who I know are all kind, smart, and very good looking.

Say, I'm thinking of adding a couple of extra prizes to the rewards list. Any good ideas?

A couple of years ago, I had my mom do a Kickstarter video for me. I procrastinated and didn't get to launching the campaign until now. My mom has passed since. Check it out. She was so great, funny, and beloved. She would have been so thrilled with all the support I have gotten so far. Also, at the end of the video she sings her "hit", "All My Mahjong Friends Have Died"

I'm putting together a street team (future secret mystery cult) to help spread the gospel for the rest of the campaign. Please join and I'll send you a couple of tracks. The only obligatioin is to get the word out (FB,Twitter, Instagram, your real friends friends, etc). And, I'm thinking of making great patches or badges for members. Who doesn't want that?

Please contact the secret society leader's "assistant" at

xoxo, Jill

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