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The Breakup-Vagabond-Where-to-Move-Next House Concert Tour.

A testimonial by a Beatnik girl who is a fan of my house concerts

After having just finished up a brand new amazing record which I can’t wait for you all to hear, I thought I would take a few weeks off to relax, fill up the tank, and basically do the staycation thing.

Well, suddenly plans have changed. But I’m gonna make the best of it, damn it.

One thing is, I’m not sure where I want to land, which of the many towns I've lived in I want to call my next home. I have friennds and and expanding roots everywhere.

I thought instead of making any sudden decisions (like first and last week deposit), maybe I should be the wandering Jew I truly am. So I'll take October and November on the road. I could buy an old Vanawagon, travel by train (romantic) or just take Lyft.

Anyway, here is your chance to have me in your living room. And.... a chance to see me before my new record comes out to great acclaim, I become less accessible, way more expensive and possibly more conceited.

Here's where I'll be:

Oct.2-8: I'll be in the Rocky Mountain area

Oct. 9-13: I might go to the Bay Area

Oct 14-17: New England

Oct 26: Nov 7 - New York

Nov 8-30th - maybe go to towns I've never been to before!

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