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Lucy at the Gym - "Jill Comes Alive"

Lucy is the name I gave to the very anorexic looking-woman who could always be seen on the same Stairmaster at my gym, no matter what time I went. One day she didn’t show up. I worried.

In my early 20s, I too had issues and spent three weeks at the Glendale Adventist Eating Disorder Center. There are so many stories to tell. I’m actually thinking of doing some kind of musical on the experience. The clinic and the people running it were bat-shit crazy. The head nurse befriended me and kept offering me drugs the entire time. She also gave me the scoop on what the psychiatrist and social worker were writing down about me. I guess I told them that I was a fairly well-known singer-songwriter (in Denver). I wasn’t bragging, just explaining what I did for a living. The doctor put on my record that I suffered from delusions of grandeur and pretended to be a real musician. He also had a signed Tom Selleck Magnum PI poster in his office.

The song is from another Mountain Stage show and was recorded by Patrick Stephens and mixed by Brad Jones.

By the way, Lucy showed up a week later, back on the stairs. I was relieved.

Get the whole damn record at And tell people too!

Lucy at the gym She's there every time I go, And I don't go that often, so she must live at the gym I stare at her ribs they show through the spandex Her little legs are working, she's going somewhere She's climbing up the stairs And when she reaches the top her dreams will be there

Lucy at the gym Lucy on the scale for the third time Through thick and thin, Lucy's at the gym She's staring at the clock and like the 2nd hand she never stops She's Lucy at the gym

When she takes a shower, after all the hours Does she have a place to go? Is there someone waiting Or is Lucy all alone?

I'm at the gym and Lucy's not there It's got me kinda worried so I imagine the worst She's made it up to heaven And when she met her maker, he said "come right in" "I'll show you around the gym" "Everyone's beautiful and thin" "And here there's no sin, And your life can begin Lucy at the gym"

(jillsobule/robin eaton)

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