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Jet Pack from "Jill Comes Alive"

JET PACK - nice big file from the master

Get the whole Jill Comes Alive (at Budokan or Leeds) record here -Here

Recorded at Pittsburgh’s Club Cafe, maybe 13 years ago. We filmed the entire show for a potential DVD release. For some reason, I didn’t put it out – I think I thought my hair looked like someone gave it a bad perm. The song was written around the time I lived in Brooklyn and was seeing someone on the Upper West Side. It’s really a love letter to the city. One fun side note: A guy in the second row was there with his mistress. He had not realized that we were filming that night and begged us not to release the DVD. I wonder if we can still get him in trouble.

If I had a jetpack the first thing that I’d do

Is fly above the gridlock and come to you

I’d peek into the windows on 5th Avenue

To see how the other side lives

And if I had a jetpack I would strap it on

I’d get out of this one room and I’d be gone

To where there’s real houses and big front lawns

If I had a jetpack

I’d take you up with me

At last we’d both be free, past the statue of liberty

In my jetpack

If I had a jetpack, I’d fly above the bridge

I’d wave to all my friends who thought I’d never rise again

I’d fly over the stadium to watch my team win, watch my team win

If I had a jetpack, I’d bust into your door

I’d take you by the hand to the Jersey shore

And underneath the moonlight, you’d want me even more

Cause, I’d have a jetpack

I’d take you up so high

If I dropped you, you would die

But I want you by my side, in my jetpack

Oh, I don’t have a jetpack. I don’t even have a car

I just have this token and a head full of stars

I wish you didn’t live up town so far

Cause I don’t have a jet-------pack.

(jillsobule/robin eaton)

#jillcomesalive #JillSobule #JettPack

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