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Mexican Wrestler from "Jill Comes Alive"

I could have chosen a slicker version, perhaps a better performance of the song , but I felt this one seemed pretty raw and honest.

"Mexican Wrestler" might be my most requested song. People always ask who I wrote it for. Well, it's really not about just one devastating heartbreak from the past, but rather an amalgam of, let's say, all of them. And that should probably include the very first.

In sixth grade, one of the most popular boys in school, Robbie N., asked me to go steady. I didn't really understand why, as I was one of the school weirdos. I don't remember our romance (whatever that consisted of in sixth grade) but I remember the breakup. After one week and with no explanation, he ended it. I was wreaked for at least the rest of the week. I never heard from him again until he reached out on Facebook two months ago.

I wrote back, “I always knew you’d come crawling back one day”.

Get the whole "Jill Comes Alive" here: HERE

Say, is there anyone good here who could do a fun video for the Youtube?

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