JILL COMES ALIVE! Homemade Bootleg

"Jill Comes Alive Official Bootleg" includes 17 of my biggest hits from a bunch of great shows through the years. A really swell collection!

Get it through the Internets or in the mail homemade in a cardboard sleeve.

I asked friends, family and some nice fans to pick among the many choices.

This is it!

Only available, for now, at the new store

1. Almost Great

Originally written with Robin Eaton for the musical “Times Square”, this song tells the story of hip, middle-aged, 1970’s NY radio DJ Johnny LaGuardia, who, despite his success, feels he could have done better if only he “had worked a little harder.” Since the song was scrapped from the script, I thought I would change genders and tweak the lyrics and make it my own. I related somewhat to Johnny.

It was recorded at Jackson Browne’s studio in 2015 in front of a live audience. I’m playing ukulele, Dave Palmer piano, Dave Carpenter bass, and the wonderful Sarah Watson adds harmonies. And, of course, our wonderfully compliant crowd, led by Jackson, sings the last chorus. Browne’s main man, Paul Dieter, captured it on tape. Brad Jones mixed.

Once I had my poems up

On the schoolroom wall

My teacher told my parents that

I had something special

And then she sent my essay to the Iowa Review

I didn’t win a prize

But got an honorable mention

Almost great, almost great

After I left college

I dropped out after two years

I left to NY City

For my musical career

I know it would have happened