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How To Put On A House Concert- Update

Update Folks, I'm thinking of putting some house concert dates around some already booked club dates.

June 3 + 4th - in the Bay area

June 5-7th - in New England

June 17th - 19th - SoCal

June 25th +29th - Colorado

July 6th and 7th - NYC area

July 18th -Pittsburgh

July 23 + 24 - I'll be in Kentucky!

Aug 4-7th - The Southwest

Aug 24+25 - on the East Coast

I was going to take off most of August to chill out or go on an exotic vacation. But maybe I would love to venture out in the more Red States. Omaha is pretty exotic to me.

Also, and if you can't see me in person, get "Jill Comes Alive". My homemade "best of live" bootleg.

My sad penmanship has not changed since 3rd grade

Here, my favorite comedy group - 2 Headed Dog - are playing the various potential audience members, while I explain the ins and outs of putting on a house concert.

Gruber and his chickens have additional questions.

Email the folks at for even more. I am thinking of looking at late Spring and Summer to try out some new songs for the new record.

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