A New Website, March Shows and The Shit Show!

After feeling like I've been lost in an episode of Black Mirror over the last two months, I'm back with a new good/bad attitude. Let's see, there is a lot to discuss. Well, for one thing, instead of laying down or complaining in this post-election period, I have collaborated with some strange and wonderful bedfellows. Here is Blak English - from the mind and free styling of Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Short Stop, etc). I got to sing the saccharine-laden vocals at the end of the rant on "Shit Show" This is not nice folk music, if I must say.

Back to folk music. I have some great shows coming up:

City Vineyard at Pier 26 on March 14th in the NYC. I'll be part of the songwriter series. It's supposed to be a gorgeous setting. I haven't been yet, have you?

On March 18th, I'll be at my favorite Hoboken guitar store, The Guitar Bar! I'm sure that the owner of the store, James Mastro ( The Bongos, Ian Hunter Band, etc,) will be sitting in.

On March 30th, I'll be playing my favorite LA indie bookstore with one of my favorite authors - Susan Orlean ( the Orchid Thief). She will be doing a reading, not singing. I'm not sure if she can. It will be really intimate and sweet.

I soon will be announcing more house concert info, a new record, a new website, and my planned Senatorial run in 2028.