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A New Website, March Shows and The Shit Show!

After feeling like I've been lost in an episode of Black Mirror over the last two months, I'm back with a new good/bad attitude. Let's see, there is a lot to discuss. Well, for one thing, instead of laying down or complaining in this post-election period, I have collaborated with some strange and wonderful bedfellows. Here is Blak English - from the mind and free styling of Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Short Stop, etc). I got to sing the saccharine-laden vocals at the end of the rant on "Shit Show" This is not nice folk music, if I must say.

Back to folk music. I have some great shows coming up:

City Vineyard at Pier 26 on March 14th in the NYC. I'll be part of the songwriter series. It's supposed to be a gorgeous setting. I haven't been yet, have you?

On March 18th, I'll be at my favorite Hoboken guitar store, The Guitar Bar! I'm sure that the owner of the store, James Mastro ( The Bongos, Ian Hunter Band, etc,) will be sitting in.

On March 30th, I'll be playing my favorite LA indie bookstore with one of my favorite authors - Susan Orlean ( the Orchid Thief). She will be doing a reading, not singing. I'm not sure if she can. It will be really intimate and sweet.

I soon will be announcing more house concert info, a new record, a new website, and my planned Senatorial run in 2028.

Lastly, from the archives, here is a video of me in the studio with...Davy Jones of the Monkees! He was super sweet. And I was so excited. One can never get over their childhood crushes. You can see Don Was and my pal, Michelle Lewis, just green with envy. If you notice the beginning of the video, I am explaining about a mic with an iron cross on it. It was a German mic used during the Third Reich era. I, a blond Jewess, sang my lead vocals on it. Take that Nazis!

Again, please contact me with questions, thoughts, advice, and general good cheer.

Back to folk music. I have some great shows coming up:

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