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O Canada (and Philly tomorrow night)

"O Canada" was from Dottie's Charms - a concept record co-written by some of my favorite authors. You can get it here!

I will be in Toronto, November 28th playing a concert presented by Moses Znaimer's IdeaCity (which is like the TED of Canada) and Zoomer Radio. I hope I have some fans from Toronto here - if you are, I might be able to get you a sweet deal!

I love Toronto. The only negative is getting into the country. For some reason, I am on some watch list. It takes me sometimes two hours and a lot of questions to get in. I wonder if it was because 25 years ago, Manny, our guitar tech, forgot to clean out his bong in the van before we reached the border. It's still a mystery.

And if in the Philadelphia area, I'm playing TOMORROW, SUNDAY 17 at The Locks at Song with the great Maia Sharp - and Rocky.

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