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Never the Bride, Always the Opening Act

It's the 90s, and I'm playing 3 shows opening up for the Crash Test Dummies. We got Aug. 25 in Anaheim, Aug. 27th in San Francisco, and Aug. 28th in Sacramento.

If you are in there towns at these specific days, please think about coming. I haven't really been the opening act in a few years. It's a great thing to do -you can bring in new fans who never heard of you, or have just heard the one song. Most probably have low expectations. I'm sure they expect, maybe, their idea of a boring Lilith Fair era female singer-songwriter. I want to kick their ass. But first, you have somehow have them stop and listen for a sec. And many times folks are just streaming into the venue halfway thru your 35-minute set.

When I opened up for Don Henley, quite a few years back, I opened by saying to the crowd how nervous I was, and asking if was it okay that I started with a song that would make me feel more comfortable. They seemed to right away be curious and somehow empathetic. And it wasn't just a ploy, I was nervous. Then I proceeded to sing a sweet little ballad with the opening line "Don't Fuck With Me." It worked!

Here is a live version of the song I found. I never really recorded it: Don't Fuck With Me

I don't think the ditty works these days, so I am asking you guys - what song should I open up with? What would a Crash Test Dummies crowd like? I have no clue.

And back in New York on Sept. 3 at Poisson Rouge, I'm opening up for -or maybe I'm splitting the bill - with Fastball. That should be a swell time. I'm pals with Mile Zuniga. We might play on each others set.

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